Why Choose a Pink Tie

Published: 26th May 2011
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In the past, the color pink has been widely associated with femininity. However, modern fashion trends now embrace this color as unisex. In fact, several men are already confidently wearing pink polo shirts, caps, and t-shirts in their everyday activities. As fashion experts become bolder in their approach, color pink becomes a more neutral color for both men and women, just like black or white.

Aside from the pink outfit and accessories now loved by men, pink neckties are also incredibly showing an increase in consumer demand. This piece of accessory originated from the 80’s era, and today, it has demonstrated significant modern changes and better stylistic alterations. This explains why men should confidently don pink-colored ties in today’s modern times.

One of the advantages for wearing a pink tie is its universality and versatility. It has no skin tone partiality, so it looks good on any skin complexion. It easily goes well with any shirt color, too. Moreover, they look even better when worn with the right accessories and on the right occasion.

Today, the more unique your fashion style is, the better you look on people’s eyes. Because of this, those men who take the courage to wear a pink tie experience a great deal of recognition and approval from fashion critics. The accessory’s refreshing look brings forth a new sense of style or a commendable masculine look.

Another factor that affects the pink necktie’s essential role in men’s fashion is its elegance. Since the color is easy to be paired with, mixing and matching of outfits is never difficult. For instance, a pink tie on a white shirt is classic but undeniably elegant. It also looks well on silver and gray shirts, as well as those in shades of blue. Men who wear pink ties are sure to project an image of sophistication and dignity despite the old-fashioned color connotation of pink.

Furthermore, men with the guts to wear pink ties project an air of confidence. Because of the contemporary idea that pink color is feminine, real men wearing pink are considered man enough to be that wild and bold in their outfits. A pink tie can convey an outward message that the man wearing it is strong enough to withstand any gender misconception or pre-judgment.

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