What Matches White Neckties Best?

Published: 26th May 2011
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The white necktie is considered one of the most formal types of ties which match a lot of dress styles and colors. Plus, it is suited for almost all formal occasions. Not to confuse with a white tie attire, which is the most formal dress code worn in the official ceremonies like royal weddings and parties, the white necktie is just an accessory of an attire. This is often used as a required accessory for judge attires to symbolize fair judgment.

White ties can either be solid or with patterns such as stripes and dots. Solid white ties are more formal and easy to pair with the dress than the patterned ones. It can match almost all colors, making it versatile for all seasons. However, only several colors can give an interesting suit during a specific season. For example, light blue and pink matches are attractive during summer and spring, while darker colors are best matched with white during winter.

In corporate occasions, a white tie can be paired with dark charcoal gray or black suits. Without a coat, it can perfectly match white or black dress shirts. Dark colored dress gives an emphatic background to the white tie, allowing a glowing finish to the suit. When observed from a distance, the while tie with a considerably dark background creates an outstanding character.

Nevertheless, there are some dark colors like dark blue that do not match perfectly with white ties. Colors under the family of blue do not usually go harmoniously with white except the lighter tones. Fashion experts take advantage of the brightness of the color white to amplify the summer heat. When paired with tan, beige and classic colors for the warmer days, white displays a royal hotness suited for beach parties.

In some instances, a white tie is good for the white suit such as when used as an accessory of white tie attire. There are white tie attires that do not require a neck accessory while others do. However, for other white suits like ordinary coat or dress shirt, a white necktie can barely be noticed. White ties should be paired with suits that have at least a contrasting color, light but not so close to white.

Patterned white ties usually require different dress matches. Pairing is not generally based on colors but on the types of fabric. Some fabrics create a distinct effect with light, which impacts the patterns of the tie. Sometimes patterned ties are used to create an illusion of height or body size of the wearer.

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