What Does the Color of Your Tie Mean to You?

Published: 26th May 2011
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A necktie is a powerful tool in expressing one’s self. Without saying a word, the color of your necktie can deliver a message to the people around you. If you are leading a team and you always run out of words to encourage them to work hard towards their goals, then carefully choose the color of your tie. Sometimes, it only takes a simple psychology and art to change your environment.

For example, if you want to lead your team to a hard-earned victory, a red colored tie is a good choice. Red symbolizes power, wealth, and passion. It can urge interest, perseverance, and dedication among members, which will eventually accelerate the productivity of the team. This is also a good color to pick when you notice that your members are beginning to feel discouraged because of the pressures of competition.

Sometimes, your meetings get hostile because of lack of open-mindedness towards opinions and you feel like you should do something to reconcile with your members, or to prevent the same from happening again. The best tie to wear on your next meeting is a blue tie. Blue radiates tranquility and settlement. Match it with red and yellow accessories to attain jubilance.

If every member of the team has been working well and you’re losing power over them, yellow tie is the best for you on the next meeting. Although yellow is constantly associated with cowardice, using it as a color of tie means authority. While it resembles the color of the sun, which is radiant by nature, yellow can represent importance and rule. Just be sturdy enough to carry it by being outgoing and forthright.

Black tie is not good for you during your intense affairs with the team. Most of the time, black can be associated with being alone, close-minded, and mysterious. You’re a leader and you’re not that kind of person, for sure. However, black tie is best worn for special formal occasions with the team. Unlike yellow tie, which is good for daytime parties, black is only attractive on evening gatherings.

Green and brown are also good colors to choose for several reasons. If your team is working stressfully over a long period of time, wear something fresh and cold. Green never fails to symbolize environment, rebirth, and growth. It is usually partnered with light yellow ties if used as the color of the shirt. Brown, on the other hand, symbolizes humility and determination.

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