What Do People Get From Your Green Tie?

Published: 20th April 2011
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Green is a popular color for neckties. Men prefer it over most other necktie hues because it is easy to mix and match with outfits and other accessories. For most men, the logic for this choice ends there. Because a green tie goes with almost anything, having one, two, or a bunch of them in the drawer seems like a good idea.

What a great number of males probably arenít aware of is that there are several meanings that can be extracted from a green tie. Knowing what these possible implications are can be quite handy when dressing up for specific situations. With this information, you would know when to use your green necktie to send the right message and when to keep it in the drawer to prevent yourself from sending the wrong one.

Financial Success

It is easy to associate your jade-colored tie with money, primarily because it shares the same color as cash. Even if youíre not as wealthy as the richest man on the planet, wearing a green necktie signifies an extent of financial success, or at least a frame of mind leading towards that goal. However, wearing this accessory would be all for naught if you donít project an air of confidence.


Green hues are very pleasing to the eye. They have a soothing effect that you can use to your advantage in situations wherein you have to make people comfortable in your presence. If you want to make an impression that says you are put together, calm, collected, and can be relied on in times of stress, then wearing a green tie is a good move.


A green tie also denotes the maturity to deal with conflict. Donning this accessory gives the notion that you can be a source of stability whenever opposite sides are in a gridlock. It says that you would be able to harmonize conflicting interests without particularly taking for granted one or the otherís objectives.


Youíve probably heard that green is the color of envy. Unfortunately, this message can sometimes translate to tie choice. It is best to avoid wearing a green tie during initial meetings where the color can be misinterpreted as a symbol of inexperience and jealousy.

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