Tips in Choosing a Wedding Tie

Published: 25th March 2011
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Suppose you are going to attend your friendís wedding three weeks from now. You have bought your suit and shoes, and you have participated in the rehearsal. All things are set, when you suddenly realize that you do not have a tie to match your suit yet. So what do you do?

The best man must look simple and presentable. Generally, the best man wears a tuxedo, and the rules for his attire are almost the same as those of the groomís. However, your choice of wardrobe will still depend on the attire specified in the wedding invite. Is the event informal, semi-formal, or formal? Some weddings are even strictly formal. You have to know the kinds of attires suited for each type of event.

Neckties highlight the elegance and sophistication of a wardrobe; a wrong tie on a formal occasion is synonymous to a fashion faux pas on the runway. Once you know the type of wedding event you are going to, choosing a tie will be easier. Various types of ties go with formal, semi-formal, formal, and strictly formal occasions. This goes together with the venue and the time of the wedding celebration.

If you are attending an informal daytime wedding, classic solid white, black, and ivory ties are a good match for your long-sleeved shirt. On the other hand, any matching tie for your suit is suitable for an informal nighttime wedding. Consider informal nighttime weddings as semi-formal occasions, and don a simple yet classy suit with a neat wedding tie.

Moreover, colors of ties depend on the time of a semi-formal wedding celebration. A pastel wedding tie, matched with a light-colored suit, is a good wear for a daytime semi-formal wedding. Dark shades of ties and suits are best for nighttime weddings. Commonly, outdoor semi-formal weddings have nature-colored theme and motif. In this case, prepare ties in green, blue, and yellow shade.

Regardless of time and venue, you need to prepare your classy and sophisticated side for formal weddings. In formal weddings, women wear long gowns, and men wear refined suits and tuxedos. Dark suits with a bow wedding tie are good for a daytime wedding. If you are part of the entourage, wedding ties are usually provided by the wedding organizer.

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