Tie Rack: Where to Store Your Ties

Published: 25th March 2011
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You went to your classmateís dormitory to get an instrument for your experiment. You noticed a fishbone-looking structure hanging behind the door of his closet. There were colored pieces of fabric hanging on the structure, with the straps of wood separating them from one another. You moved closer to see what they were: they were a colorful collection of neckties hanging on a rack. Apparently, your classmate was an avid collector of neckties.

Neckties are one of the most essential pieces of clothing for men. If women have belts and purses, men have neckties. They are worn for formal gatherings, specifically for corporate affairs and ceremonies. When you walk along hallways of corporate buildings and offices, you will seldom see plain shirts and jackets without a touch of colored necktie.

Whatever its type, color, or size, a necktie needs proper care and maintenance to preserve their good appearance. You do not simply pull off the knot and throw the tie on the laundry bin after wearing it. Creases and folds on ties never look good. Hence, you need to store and place it in a proper container. You can fold it and place it in a tie container, or you can hang it on a tie rack.

Tie racks come in an array of colors, designs, and styles. The basic types of tie racks are ladder-type, traditional, and motorized racks. Ladder-type tie racks resemble a fishbone. It has a central vertical beam with small projecting arms on the side. The ties are hung on the projecting arms, which prevents them from folding or creasing. In a ladder-type tie rack, you can pull off a tie without wrinkling the others.

Traditional tie racks have a horizontal base beam with open pokes on the front. In a traditional tie rack, ties are less susceptible from slipping and falling because of the clips on the rack. They take up more space than ladder-type racks, but they hold a bigger number of ties. They are suitable for those with a large collection of ties.

Moreover, motorized tie racks are electronic and automatic racks. They have a revolving wheel through which you can select ties without moving the beams or flipping the ties. A motorized tie rack makes tie selection easier and more convenient, relieving you from daily "tie dilemma" in choosing a tie.

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