Things to Remember When Wearing Orange Ties

Published: 26th May 2011
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When you ask men what are the most important articles of clothing in their wardrobe, most of them are going to answer ties. Ties, also referred to as neckties, are one of the most valuable wardrobe pieces of men. They are worn alongside coats, suits, and tuxedos. They complete formal attire for various occasions and functions. You can seldom see a young professional who dooes not have at least three pieces of ties in his closet. Alongside underwear and undergarments, they are a necessity in menís wear collection.

Ties come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. There are solid ties such as black, blue, red, and green. There are also light-colored ones such as white, yellow, beige, and orange. Some of them, such as black and maroon, are worn for certain occasions like a funeral. Others are worn during weddings and formal gatherings. Ties with striking shades like pink are an ideal wear for big events and affairs.

Orange ties are a rare find in boutiques and shops. There are only a few people who are endeared to orange ties. Moreover, many people find it hard to match their attire with these ties. Inasmuch as orange ties are glowing and catchy, they fit well with only a number of suits and coats. Do you find it difficult to wear orange ties? Here are some points to consider when mixing and matching them with your attire.

Match Orange Ties with Suits and Coats in Shades of Gray and Blue

Gray and blue are the best partners of orange ties in fashion. They meld well with the intense brightness of orange. Ties with darker shades are generally worn with dark-colored suits and coats. Lighter shades are similarly matched with bright-colored ties.

Darker Shades or Orange Ties are Worn in the Later Time of the Year

As a general rule, darker shades such as rust, burned-orange, orange-brown, and mahogany are worn during fall and winter. They blend well with the cool ambiance and chilly atmosphere of the surroundings. Lighter shades like peach, apricot, coral, and salmon-orange are a common sight during summer and spring.

Consider Fabric Weight When Wearing Orange Ties

The weight and thickness of your coat or suit must be directly proportional to the color of your tie. Dark orange ties therefore are best matched with wool and fur coats.

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