Things to Remember When Wearing a White Tie

Published: 20th April 2011
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Many people think that ties worn to the office should be in dark colors such as black, dark blue, and gray, because these colors are often considered traditional. While dark-hued ties do appear to be more professional or formal, fashion experts say that thereís nothing wrong with wearing light-colored ties to the office. Many businessmen these days wear ties in colors such as silver, gold, and red.

If you work in an office and you want to stand out, why not consider wearing white ties? White ties may give you a fashionable edge over your peers and help you stand out among the crowd, especially if you pair the tie with a black shirt. Though wearing white tie doesnít guarantee a promotion, it can help you at least get some attention.

White ties should be worn with caution, though. The clean, spotless appearance of the ties can be easily marred even by dust and dirt. When wearing white ties, here are some tips to remember.

Itís useful to invest in stain repellents and stain removers

Spraying your white tie with stain repellent is probably your best shot at protecting the tie. Do the spraying when youíre about to use the tie, so it gets protection that lasts throughout your workday. If possible, bring a stain removal kit with you. That way, you can quickly remedy any tie stains caused by spilled liquid.

Be careful when eating or drinking

Though you probably want to enjoy the image you project when you wear a white tie to the office, itís best to remove the tie during lunch break. Food and beverages can stain your tie and damage it. If temporarily removing the tie is out of the question, you can try covering it with a napkin to protect it from food particles or drops of liquid.

Washing procedures can vary

The washing procedure for your white tie depends on the tieís material. Most clothing experts suggest heading to the dry cleaners to have silk ties cleaned. Other experts recommend washing ties with ordinary hair conditioner and warm water. After washing, white ties made of cotton or linen can be dried under the sun, because the sunís rays can improve the bright appearance of the ties.

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