The Story of Skinny Ties

Published: 26th May 2011
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Skinny ties, are characterized by their narrow width, usually about two inches from both sides. They have seen a recent surge in popularity during within the last two decades, and it seems that they are here to stay popular for quite some time. Contrary to the belief that they originated from the 80s, skinny ties actually trace their history way back into the early 1920s.

These narrow-shaped ties were also known as string ties, because of the way they look. They were once made pointed, but skinny ties eventually had its square tip and simple style mainly to cut down on production costs. This is because the First World War took its toll on Europe’s economy, causing shortages of different supplies, including fabric. A lot of people donned these budget ties until the end of the war, when people were once again able to buy broader and more colorful ties.

The skinny ties waned in popularity, only to resurface in the 1950s. The Cold War and the Korean War both created a huge blow to world economy, causing an economic recession. A somber attitude was greatly reflected by the skinny tie, being a work created during a time of trouble. Skinny ties were worn by people together with dark colors and subtle patterns. Elvis Presley made the ties more popular by wearing it, setting a worldwide fashion trend. They remained popular until the 1970s.

The flamboyant and bright years of the 70s era caused people to forego skinny ties once again. This was short-lived; a strong desire to reject the excessive flair of the 70s caused people to go back to the bare essentials. Skinny ties made a comeback, this time with both men and women wearing them with their usual attire.

Skinny ties remained popular even well into the 1990s. This can be attributed to the biggest Hollywood stars during those times. However, this also made skinny tie transition from being an image of austerity and mourning into something that purely serves as fashion attire.

Today, you’ll see a lot of people wearing skinny ties and slender attires like fine-fitting shirts and slender jeans. These combinations provide an edgier overall look, making it popular among today’s younger professionals. Indeed, it might take a while before skinny ties can go back to the depths of obscurity once again.

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