The Meaning of Colors in Neckties

Published: 25th March 2011
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A necktie can say a lot about a person, and its color speaks volumes. Every shade has its own meaning and can generate certain moods and feelings. This is why it’s important to coordinate the hue with one’s clothes. It not only enhances the way you look, but it also influences your thoughts and the behavior of others towards you.

They say red ties are associated with energy and capture one’s attention while green symbolizes wealth and vitality. Blue? It’s a sign for happiness and peace. By knowing the effects and symbolism of each color, you’ll know how to make your clothes complement events or your environment perfectly.

The use of red neckties makes a bold statement; symbolizing power, passion, and energy. Incorporating a red tie makes heads turn, giving you a boost of confidence. This color goes well with blue, grey, and black. Ties with a combination of red and blue, meant to deonote good health, have also become widely available recently.

An orange and pink tie has a reputation for being calming. These colors are happy hues. Pink symbolizes joy, friendship, and affection while orange attracts success, tenderness, and exuberance. Both have become a popular choice for neckties in recent years; being the color of choice during the seasons of spring and summer. Pair them with a white or blue shirt, and watch people’s faces light up.

Blue is a sign for sincerity, happiness, knowledge and peace. It’s a timeless choice as a necktie and can blend well with any shirt or suit’s color. Dark blue is a tried and tested option for the classic gentleman; easily able to match with other colors as well as with polished black leather shoes. Along with a pink tie, light blue ties are a popular choice during the summer for their soothing and refreshing tones.

A lavender and pink tie is always a good choice for summer weddings due to their romantic nature. For added elegance, black ties are often used due to its aura of power and refinement. This is why some formal events are called black tie events. If you want a more innocent look, go with white ties. This color symbolizes virtue; it’s the reason why many judges and lawyers around the world wear white.

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