Suits, Shirts, and Ties: Match or Coordinate?

Published: 26th May 2011
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For some men, matching suits, dress shirts, and ties all together are tough work. In spite of the variety of suits, shirts, or ties you have, youíll surely have that piece of shirt or tie that you wish you didnít buy. While itís difficult to teach men about fashion, there will always be basic key points which they can keep in mind.

Matching suits, shirts, and ties can be easy as long as you have better recognition of the colors that go well together. Though itís a bit of a humor, you can seek help from a color wheel to know which colors compliment which. However, aside from these things, you also have to know more about these concepts.

Clothes of the same color match together. This is probably the basic styling concept you need to understand when it comes to matching suits, shirts, and ties. Although most suits come in basic colors of black, gray, white, and brown, it doesnít mean that you have to stick with these colors too for your shirt and ties. The important thing here is that you match your shirt color with your tie. For example, if youíre wearing a light blue shirt, you can match it with a royal blue tie.

Plain and Patterned. When it comes to two different things, the keyword now is Ďcoordinatingí. This is quite easy for plain and patterned shirts and ties as these all go along together. However, if youíre planning to wear patterned blue tie with patterned shirts, you have to make sure that you observe small patterns on large patterns.

Dark to Light. This is the easiest color coordination you can observe. If youíre wearing a pale colored dress shirt, letís say pink, the emphasis on neckties shall be achieved by wearing dark or bold colors. In this case, a royal or navy blue tie will fit perfectly well on the pale pink dress shirt you are wearing. Thereís a variety of colors that you can experiment with.

Complexion. While itís not really much of a factor, your skin colors could be considered in order to choose colors that look good on you. By this, you have to consider your undertone and skin profile before donning a bold yellow or blue tie. Choosing the right colors of clothes help you emphasize your physical features well

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