Silk Ties: The Pros and Cons

Published: 25th March 2011
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The silk tie is perhaps one of the most enduring pieces of male clothing, since the tie was first made popular by British royalty and nobility. It was worn in the early days primarily to distinguish soldiers or nobility from the masses, and then it was made a fashion item by British dandies. Nowadays, ties are worn in business environments and on formal occasions.

Silk ties are considered the best kind of tie for many reasons. Silk, made from silk cocoons, is the thinnest of all natural fibers. This allows the fabric to drape luxuriously, hanging gracefully from your neck to your beltline. The texture of woven silk reflects light, resulting in a certain lively sheen on the surface of the tie. Silk also absorbs dyes and prints well, maintaining the characteristics of its glossy surface even after dyeing and printing processes.

And while silk is the most popular fabric used for ties, it has its cons or disadvantages. The thin fabric may wrinkle easily, if not taken care of properly. The fine surface may also be prone to some amount of deformity or warping over time.

Silk ties are delicate clothing items that should be given utmost care. The wearer should take care not to stretch the fabric horizontally, as this may cause some deformity. The tie may also deform when hung in a tie rack for a long period of time. The best alternative way of storage would be to roll the ties up and to keep them away from sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the tie to fade in color.

Wearers should also be careful not to spill anything on Silk ties. They may be both dry cleaning- friendly and hand-washable but once theyíre stained, these tiesí original appearance can never be restored. Washing a tie in soap and water may not always be a good idea, since the tieís color may run or bleed.

No other tie spells class and elegance more than a silk tie. And while these ties are incomparable in quality to all other types of ties, the trade-off is the maintenance and the fact that not all Silk ties survive years of use. Then again, its endurance in all the eras of fashion and development in menís clothing guarantees that a silk tie will be all worth it.

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