Mens Ties for Women

Published: 20th April 2011
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Menís wear nowadays is fair game for women. It isnít unheard of for ladies to be wearing loose button down shirts and baggy jeans that make them look like they raided a guyís closet. In fact, it is considered a fashion statement to wear these kinds of clothes that manufacturers have come up with lines of guyís wear specifically made to fit women.

Clothes are not the only apparel to traverse the gender line. Menís accessories have also crossed over to the female side of the spectrum. The necktie is one great example of this. While traditionally associated with men, it is no longer out of the ordinary to see a woman walking down the street wearing a tie.

Womenís neckties arenít a foreign concept in the world of fashion, though. As early as the 1970s, several famous female icons have already popularized the look. However, the style only made it big in the mainstream recently, when even more celebrities were seen donning the accessory, making it an instant fashion craze around the globe.

There are many reasons why women like using mens ties, the first of which is the stylishness it brings to a particular outfit. A necktie can make an outfit look more formal or less conventional, depending on the characteristics of the chosen accessory. In addition, some women also feel empowered when they wear neckties. Womenís ties are designed with the image of the powerful woman in mind, so women are able to feel strong while remaining feminine when using one.

Mens ties and womenís ties generally look the same. They vary in terms of how they are used, though. While men use their ties in a more straightforward manner because of convention, women are allowed to play around a bit with the accessory. Most women tie their knots loosely for a less stiff and more interesting look. Neckties can also stand in for other womenís accessories, like a belt or a headband, for example.

With the popularity of mens ties for women, what part of menís wear would be adapted for females next is left to the imagination. One thing is certain, though. Womenís neckties are the in thing right now, and theyíre not going anywhere anytime soon.

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