Contrasting Color Combinations for a Unique Outfit

Published: 25th March 2011
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Nothing says "Iím snazzy, stylish, and swanky" better than a well-put together outfit. Get your color combinations right, and youíll be turning heads wherever you go. Match the wrong colors for your clothes, however, and the results can be disastrous. Coordinating colors can be tricky; itís easy to nail it and itís just as easy to make a disaster out of it.

It is said that coordinating colors is an art, and this art doesnít come naturally to many individuals. This is why some people just choose to wear combinations that theyíre familiar with, to be on the safe side. However, playing it safe can get pretty boring. If you want to make a bold statement, coordinating contrasting colors can be very rewarding.

Color combination charts are helpful tools in color-coordinating oneís outfit. You can find these charts available anywhere, even on the Web. When it comes to suits and ties, keep in mind that the tie should complement the suitís primary color. When in doubt, consult the color combination chart to dress for success.

The color green can be a bit of a challenge. A safe bet would be pairing a green tie with a red shirt; unfortunately, this combination is already played out during the yuletide season. For a more daring route, pair a green tie with a pink shirt. These colors contrast but donít clash, resulting in a wonderful color combination that works.

If youíre pairing a patterned green tie with a patterned shirt, make sure that the tie has a larger pattern to avoid unflattering clashes. Another contrasting combination that works is yellow and purple. Try using a subtle yellow shirt with a bold purple tie, or vice versa, for the right amount of contrast thatís bound to give positive results. Another example would be a combination of blue and brown. The color combination is unusual yet pleasing to the eye.

These are just some examples of unusual color combinations. Coordinating colors can be fun, but you should be careful, or else youíll end up looking like a carnival attraction. When in doubt, you can always pair an unusual color like a green tie with plainly-colored white shirt. If youíre trying to think of combinations on your own, consult a color chart and have fun!

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