Choosing the Suit and Necktie for the Occasion

Published: 26th May 2011
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Every occasion calls for the right attire. Bright and jubilant colors do not show condolence and respect to a funeral, neither do a dark suit and tie appropriate for a summer beach party. If you want to make the most of your time in a certain event, better pick the attire that best suits the event’s purpose. Suit and tie, however, are not only worn during special occasions. There are certain situations that require the right pair of these garments.

In job interviews, what you need is an attire that will make a good impression on your potential employers, something that will make them think of you as confident and competent. You surely don’t want to look like you did not prepare. It is best to choose between navy blue and burgundy red tie to pair with a charcoal-gray two-piece suit. This will make you look confident but not come across as arrogant.

Dating also calls for distinctive attire, usually a pair of garments that will look quite classy but not too flashy. The setup seems lodged between formal dinner and house party so formal attire or a conservative business look is perhaps out of place. Choose a classy warm and friendly attire. Daytime date requires lighter necktie colors such as tan and beige partnered with also lighter but distinctive suit color.

However, evening date usually has a more elegant setup. A darker suit will fit the occasion especially since dark colors commonly symbolize sincerity and firmness. Use a darker colored necktie paired with gray and dark blue coat or dress shirt. A white tie can also give justice to the dark colored coat and make it even more emphatic.

Wedding is a jubilant occasion accentuated by vibrant and bright colors such as yellow and white. There are also weddings that follow different themes, eventually calling for darker and stronger colors. A solid colored tie made from smooth shiny silk fabric is best paired with a dark elegant coat and dress shirt. A yellow or white tie can also be used to depict pureness or intention.

On the other hand, the color of ties used in business meetings varies between industries. Sales workers are best on dark suit colors and elegant colored ties for evening occasions. Nevertheless, avoid a white dress shirt and black tie as it may seem like you’re attending a funeral. White ties defeat the dullness of the entire outfit thus it is best for any occasion.

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