Blue Ties for a Professional Look

Published: 19th April 2011
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Your outfit greatly dictates what kind of impression you will give to other people. If youíre always wearing a casual outfit, people will get the impression that youíre a casual person. At work, itís always a nice thing to look professional, but how do you get that professional look without looking boring?

Choosing the right colored tie and shirt to wear at work can spell the difference between looking professional and going overboard. Although black and white generally go well with any color, a black and white outfit will make you look too formal or boring. You should look for a more balanced color, like blue.

Although blue is considered a masculine color, it does not have that aggressive feel to it, like red. A blue necktie can project a conservative and calm presence without making you appear meek or submissive. It gives people the impression that you are calm and in charge, exuding an aura of authority without being too loud or forceful.

Itís easy to find something to wear that will go well with a blue tie. A white collared shirt is basic work attire, and it looks excellent when paired with a blue tie. However, if you want something trendy, you can use a dark brown suit together with a light blue tie to achieve that modern professional image.

If you want to use a different shade of blue, you can try a navy or midnight blue tie to go with your suit. These shades are pleasing to look at, especially during the day. Dark blue usually goes best with gray if you want a more subtle feel, but you can also pair it with black to look sharp and classy. You can use a dark blue tie with beige or yellowish shirt, but lighter shades of blue will look much better.

You can use a light blue tie together with a light-colored shirt. Aside from white, you can try on a cream or light grey shirt under your jacket to complete the look. A blue tie also looks nice when paired with a lighter blue shirt. If youíre using a patterned tie, make sure that the shirtís pattern does not clash with it; otherwise, just keep the right color combination in mind and you wonít have any problems.

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