Basic Style Guide: Skinny Tie

Published: 20th April 2011
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Fashion forward men have embraced the world of skinny ties in their wardrobe set. This new style of ties is made thinner in width, making the tie look slimmer than the more traditional necktie design. Skinny ties are now entering the young menís scene, giving formal wear a fresh set of necktie style variations.

If purchasing a skinny tie, men should always be guided by their bodyís measurements. Men should be clear especially when it comes to the tie and body ratio. Since most men are still not comfortable in wearing skinny ties, they should look at themselves in the mirror and ask if the skinny works for their body ratio or not. If you are wearing one and it is making you look heavy, then maybe skinny ties arenít for your body type.

You might need to ask for a third party opinion in case you are having a hard time seeing if the skinny tie fits you or not. A trusted male friend or even the retail tie salesman can be of help in this area.

A skinny tie calls for a more modern look for men. In this case, they would also need to be focusing on the overall look of the suit with the skinny tie. To be able to achieve a young, modern take on the classic suit, they must also wear a skinny tailored bottom pants to accentuate the skinny style of the tie. This can help even out the whole suit, making it look more young and edgy.

This modern look will also work well if you wear it in the office, maybe with a slim fit suit to go along with the skinny tie. This new necktie style would look good in a three piece suit with a suit vest, twisting a fresh drop of modern fashion into traditional formal attire for men. But be careful when it comes to drowning the tie with your jacket; make sure that wearing both would look good and proportional as well.

Those who have a skinny or thin body ratio can definitely go with wearing a skinny tie either at work or at any formal event. On the other hand, those that are not included in this category should further seek another perspective when it comes to wearing skinny ties.

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