An Introduction to Menís Attire for Formal Events

Published: 20th April 2011
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Being appropriately dressed for an occasion means that you are knowledgeable of the formal dress code that most events follow. Since some events require a strict dress code, people, especially men, must be aware of this and should follow it accordingly. Such events that require formal attire include charity events, galas, balls, and weddings.

Men should first consider the type of event before heading out and choosing their attire. They must know what type of event they are attending so that they can determine the possible attire options for them. If the event is following a specific theme color, it would be best for them to follow the theme color and apply it to their attire.

Another thing to consider is the time of the event, since most events base the required attire according to the time and the weather as well. A before 6pm event can call for an informal type of attire, while an after 6pm one calls for a suit. For men, informal day time attire may consist of a simple dress shirt with a sports jacket and pants, and a simple suit for an informal evening event.

If the dress code is semi-formal, then men should try and experiment with their suit types and colors as well. Colors can be chosen depending on oneís preference or according to the eventís theme color. Purple ties can be worn in substitute for black ones, and a darker shade of suit is recommended during a semi formal evening event.

When the event calls for formal daytime attire, men can opt to dress in a simple suit and tie combination. Depending on the purpose of the event, they can choose to change the colors of their suit accessories to go with the theme, such as replacing their black tie with purple ties. This can be applied to most events, except the ones that state "black tie", since this would mean dressing up in a full tuxedo.

Men should be able to exercise their creativity when it comes to attending formal events such as this. They can make use of their fashion sense and try to be different from others, with just a simple gesture as wearing purple ties. Here, men can be more original and can also express their personality, all the while still conforming to the rules of wearing formal attire.

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